"Take Your Meds"

2019 me would have said that sentence to what the post-2020 world has turned me into. Back then, the "sane" narrative was coherent with the facts around me. But now "sane", in the context of defining a world-view, seems to be nothing but a structured devised by propaganda. To be clinically insane is not just a valid concept, but a relevant one to the discussion. It seems that many in positions of disproportionate power nowadays are so alienated from any form of normalcy, that it would be logical to call insanity their motivation.

This page is an effort to create a comprehensive list of such insane actions without trying to create a narrative around it. I believe any form of story that weaves it all together is, at the present moment, impossible. However truth ought to emerge from deliberate observation, and that's what I hope will happen.

The Catalog of Insanity

How the world turned into such a terrible place.

The difference between our class and the elites we are about to discuss is that they have long transcended the need to focus their efforts on financial security and social status. Men such as Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the Koch Brothers, George Soros, and all of the usual suspects have all reached a point in their lives where personal concerns are only an after-thought, and the only form of resistance that entives their over-archieving personalities is the activity of World-Change (a term that will re-appear throuought this catalog as the root of insane behavior.)

Our culture has deemed "world domination" a trop of immorality, therefore World-Change needs a motive that justifies it in the mind of the man who attempts it. These motives aren't usually false, but often extremely exaggerated. Whether man-made climate change is real or not, the kind of alarmism we've seen coming from the likes of Al Gore, not to mention those already named here, seems not to be a deliberate lie, but a way of justifying their World-Change obsession.

World-Change, for the sake of this catalog, is a deliberate attempt to fully amprehend and control the complex and emergent systems that constitute what humans call "the world," meaning the cultural superstructure, the political and economical infrastructure, and nature.

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